Benefits of Gambling

Some people cringe at the thought of being labeled as a gambler since the stigma would forever hound them. People have different reasons as to why they gamble. Some gamble to forget their problems, others for fun, or to while away the time, those who play seriously and those who are addicted to it. 

But all is not negative when it comes to gambling as there are untapped benefits of gambling which cannot be seen within the walls of the casino, or the race track, or in the bingo social hall. 


In Las Vegas, a whopping 60 percent of the employment ratio is attributed to the presence of casinos. Imagine what would happen to Las Vegas if all the casinos suddenly stopped operating.


Self-discipline is the key. Gambling is for entertainment, as it was intended to be. Others just couldn't handle a loss and always kept right on thinking that the next card would be the one to salvage all that has been lost. But it never does. And these types of gamblers only comprise one-fourth of the gambling population who cannot gamble responsibly.

Imagine the other 75 percent who responsibly gamble. These are the people who find the entertainment value of gambling and they are never blinded by the illusion that hitting it big time just once is the key to financial freedom.

It is sad that only a small percentage of the gambling population gets the bad rap of how gambling can be so destructive. Families, friends, properties, jobs, crimes and deception permeate the destruction brought about by gambling but it is still a small portion of the gambling population.

Charity Work

Winnings from gambling activities have contributed in providing the needed financial support of worthy causes. They use gambling activities such as bingos or lotteries with a percentage of the jackpot winnings tied with charity institutions.

Some celebrities even show their prowess in card games like poker to provide entertainment for the viewers and winnings for the charity institution they represent.

Health benefit

Studies have been found that retirees 65 years old and above who gamble have less health issues such as depression, alcoholism and bankruptcy as they find gambling to be therapeutic as it exercises their mind and keep them alert.  

The study was not conclusive, however, because retiree gamblers are the recreational gamblers who find the entertainment value of gambling. They are healthier because they are healthy to begin with and not because they gamble.

In the end, it is not the gambling act itself that makes it beneficial or harmful to the individual. It is the decision of the individual if gambling would rule him or he would rule his gambling habit.

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